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38 Years, Family Owned Basement Waterproofing Company

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    AquaSeal Basement Waterproofing Contractors have been serving Ontario since 1988 with second to none basement waterproofing solutions for the residential home owner, commercial business owner, low-rise and high-rise building owner, construction industry.

    Our basement waterproofing specialists have had experience fixing cracked basement walls and providing basement waterproofing solutions for more then 120,000 homes since we first began in the basement waterproofing industry. Our methods and materials have been proven time and time again to be the most effective for the repair of basement foundation walls.

    AquaSeal Basement Waterproofing Contractors have grown to be service leaders in Southern Ontario with a solid reputation for providing prompt solutions that work the first time. Its no wonder we have a perfect A+ Better Business Bureau rating!


    Concrete Crack Injections
  • Basement Foundation Wall Repair by Epoxy Injection
  • Basement Foundation Wall Repair by Polyurethane Injection
  • Cold Joint Leaks Repaired
  • Hydro Electrical Panel Leaks
  • Honeycomb Leak Repaired
  • Interior/Exterior Basement Waterproofing
  • Interior Weeping Tile Drain Systems and Sump Pumps
  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing Application and Weeping Tile System
  • Window Well and Lateral Drain Installation and Repair
  • Additional Services
  • Excavation Work (Mini Excavator)
  • Dump Trailers
  • Beam Pockets and Brick Flashing Leaks
  • Tirods and Snaptie Repairs
  • Brick / Masonry / Stone Sealed
  • Septic / Water Service Projection Leaks
  • Consultation and Inspection Services

  • A leaking basement is a very common occurrence in many homes. When a basement leaks it does not imply that the home was not built well or that some extraordinary catastrophe has taken place; most likely it’s just a combination of time and the forces of nature, although there are some man-made factors that can cause or worsen a leaking basement.

    Any type of foundation can spring a leak and those built of poured concrete are no less vulnerable than one made of masonry – they just leak differently.

    AquaSeal Basement Waterproofing Contractors has appeared on HGTV’s Income Property with Scott Mcgillivray, as Scotts go to basement waterproofing company for wet leaky basement solutions.
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